Our everyday happiness and success shows us our future.

Let our clients and event attendee's speak for themselves to the success of our hard work. Our impact is only measurable on our projects' successes and our continued client references that we recieve. In 2017, we launched as a business to provide promotional consultation to our immediate clients and provide answers to consumer demands. In 2018, we created Hopwired Festival™ ("Hopwired") and then shortly after Hopwired, we started Rare Barrel Festivals™ ("Rare Barrel") where Hopwired and several of our other planned events reside under. We were the first tasting festival, in Canada, to incorporate and coordinate non-alcoholic beverages fairly into an alcohol consumer market and festival.



Our experience is in cleaning, packaging, brewing, salesforce, marketing, supply management, staff management, consumer advocacy, government relations, event management, office management, non-profit management, product importation, property maintenance, social media management, and creative writing.



media & beverage BENEFICARIES 

Third-wave coffee roasters, craft beer brewers, wineries, spirit distillers, water distribution companies, equipment suppliers, multi-national radio and television media companies, and independent digital media companies.




Let's be real - our event attendees are our clients, we offer them the best experience that we can for more than ticket value so that they come back. The responses from our clients, on our social media channels, demonstrate that people care about being involved with us and how we work for them in support of what they want.