Hopwired Vendors win at the Snobbies!


We're happy to congratulate all of the winners of the Vancouver Coffee Snob's 2017 Snobbies.

The Snobbies are an annual people's choice awards that is brought to you by one of Vancouver's most prolific coffee reviewers- who is also doing a special presentation and extension of the Snobbies at Hopwired 2018. Today we're toasting those winners and the winners who will be serving their great coffee at Hopwired.


The 10 Best Vancouver Coffee Shops of 2017

8. Agro Coffee Roasters
3. Pallet Coffee Roaster

The 10 Best Vancouver Brunch Spots of 2017

3. Pallet Coffee Roasters

The 10 Best Vancouver Coffee Roasters of 2017

4. Agro Coffee Roasters
1. Pallet Coffee Roasters


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Vancouver Coffee Snob

Mike Willis