Hopwired welcomes Good Night Out

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I am very happy to announce that we have partnered with Good Night Out Vancouver and have offered coat check proceeds to go directly to support their organization. They are a great group of loving people, who immensely care and act on educating sexual harassment and assault prevention and awareness in our community, and both of our groups couldn't be happier to mutually include each-other in our ongoing missions to educate and encourage a mindful, fun night out for everyone in our community. Hopwired Festival seeks to demonstrate care of liquor consumption, and safe and good times for all of our vendors and attendees by providing multiple varieties of high-quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages across our Hopwired community. We encourage mindful drinking and care for one's body, actions, and surroundings.



Good Night Out is an international organization dedicated to providing the nightlife industry with the capacity to respond to and prevent harassment and sexual assault within licensed venues.

Good Night Out Vancouver was founded out of an awareness of the links between alcohol consumption and sexual aggression and initiated from community concerns that staff and patrons in Vancouver’s licensed venues could benefit from education around how to recognize, interrupt and prevent sexual harassment and assault on nights out.

Good Night Out uses recent research on gendered violence, bystander intervention, and anti-oppressive techniques to create a variety of original educational tools, interventions and messaging aimed at reducing gendered and homophobic harassment and violence in our city’s arts, culture and entertainment scene. They work with anyone with any form of a liquor license ( restaurant, primary or even a one-night event), as well as offering training to community groups and university campuses, ot help ensure more Good Nights Out in our city.  The work that Good Night Out has done in Vancouver has been presented on a local and international scale, with our team being looked to as experts in the field of violence against women.  You can learn more on their facebook at Good Night Out Vancouver.

Mike Willis