We Are West Craft

We are a firm located in Surrey, British Columbia. Our service focus is brand recognition and brand normalization in the client’s targeted socio-economic climate. We aim to always have the most cost-effective and results-orientated advertisement. Our firm brings over 20 years combined experience in working with Canadian businesses in the food, beverage and hospitality industries. We chose our firm name because of where our business was founded, in Western Canada, and our deep-rooted passion to support people's 'craft' business models with our educated backgrounds and acquired talents.

The West Craft Group (“West Craft”) provides strategic communications, public affairs, product distribution and marketing services to leading provincial, national and international companies doing business in British Columbia and across Canada. We work with professional associations who are seeking greater public profile and influence.

We Are Problem Solvers

We help Canadian businesses deal with provincial and federal governments, the public and the media. We also work with the private sector, the public sector, and local governments to help promote and stimulate economic investment.

We Are Against Wasteful Spending

You might ask "why does this marketing firm not have flashy photos on their website?" - well that's because we're busy and most of our business comes from reference from our clients. We're too busy to hold a camera and don't feel the need to pay for stock footage but we'd be happy to provide you references of people who are reliable to do that job for you if you require it for your project. It is against our philosophies to spend resources where we don't need to - and we would hope you respect the integrity we have to not do frivulous things that are not needed and not create unnecessary overhead.

We Continuously Help Make Headlines

We focus on producing organic results for our clients. We are able to use our extensive media connections to help generate earned media coverage for you or to bring the public and government's attention to issues that are of concern to you or your clients. Podcasts, television, radio, print and social media inserts are just a few of the tools we can use to accomplish your coverage goals. Our rates are fair, competitive, and case-by-case.

We Offer One Free Initial Consultation Per Case

All initial consultations are absolutely free.
We encourage you to explore our site and contact us to discuss any questions you may have and/or your services you require.

For immediate questions or services please email us at office@west-craft.org