We invite the best coffee roasters and craft beer brewers we can find,

and we have them make a beer together, and have them pour both their products side-by-side at an inaugural tasting event.

The flavour parallels of both beverages are so similar, so we said "hey, why not?". With how progressive of a scene the craft beer and coffee markets have emerged in British Columbia we thought as consumers that we need to have both products showcased and explored in a unique way where we have have an option of just how we want to socialize and drink with our friends and families. Mix in some great local music, and a rotating espresso bar on a bar set-up from ECM Canada led by some of the best espresso baristas and roasters in town, and we've got ourselves a party that supports and stimulates our local economy and beverage culture.

Hopwired festival takes place at the Croatian Cultural Center on February 24 2018. The Croatian Cultural Center is a warm, bright, modern and relaxing setting and it is the best way to spend an afternoon in February with some great and unique beverages and we invite you to buy tickets and come hangout for a traditionally wet and cold day. We’ll have plenty of water, and food trucks for you to keep yourself hydrated and fed throughout this inaugural event.